Trish Carr and Burge Smith-Lyons FREE Event

A Special Invitation from Trish Carr …

Hi, it’s me, the Results Revolutionary, Trish Carr and I am writing to personally invite you to join me on April 11th in Plantation for a unique and extraordinary experience that will grow your business and your life.

WARNING: Read on only if:

  • You want to finish what you start and accomplish your goals and plans
  • You’re interested in having better relationships, family, work, friends, etc.
  • You want to make the money you know you can make and are deserving of getting
  • You’d  like to be peaceful in the midst of craziness and overwhelm
  • You want to just feel good, be happy and enjoy the journey that is your life

If this sounds like you, then join me as I share the “Six Sensational Steps to Success” where I show you the simple ways for you to have everything you want in life. “Everything?” you ask? Yes. EVERYTHING.

But wait there’s more! (I couldn’t help but say that, I watch too many infomercials LOL!)

My special guest is the founder and CEO of Essence of Being, Burge Smith-Lyons. You may remember seeing her onstage at the 2013 Prosperity Un-Conference where she showed you how to tap into your power and create your life — the one where YOU are in control, where you are peaceful & happy and that no matter what comes your way, you feel whole, complete and safe.

Burge teaches experiential learning, she’s not a “talking head,” so you’ll have fun playing interactive games that give you insight into you – how you operate, how you can improve, how you can access you inner power and create your life, grow your business and have your best life on your terms.

Join Us On Friday, April 11th
2 pm to 5 pm

Location:  Total Wines & More
801 S. University Drive
Plantation, FL 33324

Burge and her teachings have made a big difference for me in achieving my goals, and more importantly, making the journey a joyride at the same time.

If you are someone who despite having a good life, knows there’s something better available, who knows that life is not meant to be a struggle, that there is happiness and fulfillment just waiting for you, then please join Burge and  me for this FREE special event.

What have you got to lose? It’s FREE, it’s fun, we’ll get to see each other and, at the very least:

  • you’ll meet some great people,
  • learn some new things and
  • leave feeling great

I look forward to seeing you there!
Trish Carr
The Results Revolutionary!