The New Water Cooler

The New Water Cooler

by Nancy Matthews

Remember when you used to get up from your desk to grab a drink of water and go to the water cooler?  Standing there were others who were thirsty too, but not just for water.   You were thirsty for a break from your task or project, from the stress of being stuck, from the pressures of all the things you still had to get done or perhaps from the boredom of the daily drudgery.  Just a quick break, some refreshing water and a little conversation to break up the ho-hum of your day.

In recent years, the number of entrepreneurs and people work from home (either for themselves or others) has risen substantially and those numbers will continue to rise.  What do you do when you’re ready for that water cooler break?  You could get up from your desk and grab some water – but there’s no one in your kitchen to chat with.

Thankfully we haven’t really had to give this much thought and the “New Water Cooler” came on the scene quenching our thirst with more connections, more opportunities for a little conversation with more people and — we don’t even have to get up!

Facebook … The New Water Cooler!

While this is a great way to take a little break, we’ve got to be aware and mindful of how many times we’re visiting the fountain and what type of water we’re drinking when we get there.  It can be easy and tempting to visit the New Water Cooler, especially if you work alone and/or the next item on your to do list is something you don’t ‘feel’ like doing.   I offer you now a little food for thought before heading to the new water cooler to quench your thirst:

(1) Before you head to the water cooler (that is, open a new internet window for Facebook) ask yourself “Am I really thirsty or am I just putting off something on my list?”

 (2) Fill up your cup before you set out to do your work.  Give yourself scheduled time to be on Facebook to connect and socialize.  I usually do this in 5 to 10 minute intervals scheduled in the morning, mid-afternoon and in the evening.

 (3) If your business activities include postings on social media, be clear and intentional when you log on.  Stay focused on the task at hand (i.e. posting events, listing campaigns, driving traffic to your business page).  Yes, Facebook is a “Social” interaction platform and you’re there to build relationships … just be aware and careful not to allow yourself to get sucked into the vortex for hours without completing your intended purpose.

How cool is it that the New Water Cooler is available 24/7 and never runs out of water to quench our thirst.  We can get in the conversation any time, leave for a bit and jump back in hours later!  So, I’m off now (to post this article on Facebook), and I look forward to jumping back in the conversation with you here … at The New Water Cooler!

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