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Please Note:  Due to the powerful nature of this program and that upon completion you will have the ability to 2x, 3x or even 10x your sales revenue, individuals are required to submit an application before acceptance into the program.

CLICK HERE to submit your application.  Upon receipt, you will be contacted to review the course requirements and determine if this is the right fit for you.

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“Just 2 days after I completed the Speaker Training I had a chance to test my speaking chops and sold my products and services to 44% of the room!  I’m pretty stoked!  Thank you so much.  This has changed my business forever!” ~ Licia Berry


Have you been delivering presentations but not converting your prospects to clients?  

Learn the proven formula for delivering high converting presentations without being salesy.

Does the thought of public speaking send shivers down your spine?

Learn the secrets every speaker uses to overcome fear and anxiety (and no, it’s not picturing the audience in their underwear!)

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and are now ready to leverage your time, talent and knowledge to make the money you truly deserve? 

Leverage the power of speaking to groups AND closings sales to double, triple or even quadruple your sales!

Now Is The Time for You to Leverage Your Time, Talent & Knowledge and Make the Money You Deserve!


Speaker Money PodiumThe Business of Speaking In Depth Training Course

Video & Audio Trainings, Worksheets, Sample Powerpoint, Presentation Design & Choreography
PLUS … A Live 3-Day Boot Camp!

The ONLY Behind the Scenes Training That Combines Great Public Speaking Skills AND Making Money!

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Master Your Skills, Grow Your Confidence & Learn How to Make Money Speaking to Groups

 Instant Resources You Can Implement Immediately!  Live 3-Day Intensive Training
  • Speaking for Fun & Profit – (Audio Training) 3 Ways to Fill Your Pipeline with Qualified Leads 
  • How to Make Money As a Speaker (Audio Training) The Proven Formula for Creating a Money Making Presentation that Inspires the Audience to Take Action
  • 5 Deadly Sins Public Speakers Make And How to Avoid Them (Audio Training) From Blunder to Wonder – Wow Your Audience
  • Monetize Your Message (Video & Audio Trainings) Step by Step Instructions to Create Products!  3 Part Series Includes:
    • How to Create Digital Products (audios, mp3’s and CD’s)
    • What to Deliver? Developing and Creating Your Products Based on Your Unique Message
    • Will They Buy It?  How to Create Captivating Copy to Inspire Your Buyer
  • Experiential sessions give you the practice and confidence to conquer any stage
  • Learn the formula to choreograph your presentation and have the audience inspired to take action
  • Hone your skills in timing and delivery
  • Concentration on the 2 essential pieces of your presentation
  • Breakthrough any fears about public speaking
  • Add additional income streams
  • Convert more prospects into sales
  • Developing multiple ways of delivering your message
  • Avoid aggressive sales tactics (and still make lots of sales!)
  • Increase your bottom line with products and packages that sell
  • Be seen as a leader in the community
  • Improve communication in every situation

Leverage your knowledge and your time and turn it into cash by speaking to groups … with the right training you too could be closing 40% of the audience!

“I spoke to a group 1 week prior to this workshop and barely made a contact and certainly no sales. Then, 1 week AFTER this workshop I closed 40% of the room!  CHA CHING!  With some simple techniques and the solid structure you’ll learn in this class, there isn’t anything you won’t be confident speaking about.  This workshop has skyrocketed my personal confidence and helped me grow my business.” ~ Trisha Falzone, natural Body Works Spa & Boutique

 Even seasoned veterans who have been speaking for years will benefit from this training:

“I had been giving presentations for years and then hired Nancy as my coach.  She not only helped me get my presentation perfect, I ended up with 5 clients that day – that is $2,500!  This is phenomenal because there were only 20 people in the group!  If you want better results from your presentations, call Nancy as fast as you can, she’s fantastic!” ~ Jeanne Vandermeer, Handwriting Analyst

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 Your Hosts, Trainers & Facilitators:

Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr

With over 25 years of experience in business, leadership, communication, marketing, sales (and oh so much more!) Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr share their insights and savvy to support YOU! This dynamic duo pull back the curtain to share their proven systems and strategies for success so you can achieve the results, prosperity and happiness you desire and deserve!

Meet Your Team Leaders, Coaches & Trainers

Guess Who …..

  • When called upon by her 5th grade teacher to get up in the front of the room could barely get out of her chair, much less speak in front of the class.
  • Went to college for pre-law and dropped out of public speaking class after the first day because the thought of speaking in public terrified her and made her nauseous.
  • Decided NOT to become a lawyer in part because she didn’t feel confident or competent to speak in front of a jury.

That’s right … you may have guessed it.  It’s Nancy Matthews!

“Overcoming the fear of public speaking and learning how to share my message and my services has been the biggest contributor to my success.  Not only did it help me develop confidence in all areas of my life, it’s allowed me to make a bigger impact in the world and earn millions of dollars doing so!”

NANCY MATTHEWS is Speaker, Author and Business Advisor, who combines her 25 years of business savvy and creative ingenuity with her intuitive understanding of people.  She engages and entertains audiences while providing practical solutions to life and business challenges.  She is known as the “Visionary with Guts” for her persistence in going for her goals and dreams despite apparent obstacles or challenges and works with individuals and organizations to support them in realizing their goals.  Author of Visionaries with Guts, The One Philosophy and creator of the highly acclaimed Receiving Your Riches Course, Nancy is regularly featured in the media sharing proven principles that bring extraordinary results.  Some of her appearances include NBC television, BraveheartWomenTV, The John Tesh Radio Network as well as hundreds of other mainstream stations around the country.  She received the 2011 Women of Virtue Award and has shared the stage with some of today’s leading experts on business and transformation such as Jack Canfield, Loral Langemeier, Kevin Harrington, Bob Burg and many others.

Nancy is currently the CEO and Founder of Visions In Action, Inc. (her coaching and consulting firm), and Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN), which she founded with her 2 sisters in 2008.  WPN is a solid community that brings women together in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and excellence.  They have served thousands of women over the years through their online and offline resources, coaching programs and workshops.


TRISH CARR is a dynamic International Speaker, Author and Leadership expert with more than 25 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Human Performance Training.   As a consultant, coach and educator, she has worked with leaders and front-line employees in Fortune 500 Companies, with Entrepreneurs, as well as with individuals, to develop, refine and enhance their public speaking, communication and leadership skills.  Her workshops and coaching programs have helped hundreds of people influence others and achieve breakthrough results with powerful, positive presentations and captivating communication.  Trish is co-founder of The Women’s Prosperity Network, a global enterprise dedicated to inspiring, educating and motivating both men and women, empowering them with the tools, skills, and motivation to love the life they live and to create a life they love.

Trish’s experience as a corporate trainer, speaker, leader and sales manager set the stage for her career as an influential and profitable speaker.  She learned early on how to get past the fear of public speaking and deliver high content presentations that had huge impact on the audience.  As she ventured into entrepreneurship in 2005, she leveraged those skills and showed her little sister, Nancy, how easy it could be to speak in public.  Together they created ‘Foreclosure Secrets’, a seminar and consulting company.

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 The Business of Speaking In Depth Training Course

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(Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted to conduct a short interview.)

Next Live Training Dates:

October 16th, 17th & 18th
Location: Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port, 1825 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33004
April 16th, 17th & 18th (TBD)


Any Questions?

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