Results! What Results Are You Looking For?


What Result are You Looking For?

By Susan Wiener  

My daily habits include at least 15 minutes of spiritual exercise every morning.  I have developed the habit of creating my “To Be” List before tackling my “To Do” List and have discovered that this practice results in a much more peaceful, powerful, productive, prosperous day!

For several years I had heard about the benefits of “Journaling,” and did not understand what it really meant or how to go about it.  In a moment of desperation, when I was feeling anxious, fearful, “less than”, etc., I decided to get quiet and attempt to shift my energy from “fearful and anxious” to “faith filled and excited” – not an easy job.  With a piece of paper and a pen, I began by making a list of 5 things I was grateful for in my life.  Each day, I added something to my daily process.  I came up with 4 Basic sentences that I required myself to complete before tackling my seemingly overwhelming “To Do” List and found that in doing so, the list was much easier to handle and I accomplished much more in less time with a lot less stress.

Here are the 4 sentences:

  1. I’m so happy and grateful for …
  2. I’m excited about …
  3. I’m passionate about and committed to …
  4. I see myself …

As time went on, I learned to add “I’m feeling” to the sentences and as I did so, they became much more powerful.  Then I discovered that by adding “as a result of” at the beginning or end of the sentences, they took on yet another dimension.   The Results became the reason I chose to be and do things throughout the day and increased my abundance in every area of my life!  WOW!!!

For more tips and tools to begin journalling and/or keep you on course (well 99% of the time), check out Nancy Matthew’s Daily Practices and Journal prompts at:

I Promise You’ll be glad you did!



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