Reflection, Direction, Mission & Passion

Do you know WHY you do what you do?  What’s really at the core of your mission, your business, your daily activities? 

I often share how important it is to focus on your goals and your dreams on a daily basis – which I do. Every morning I read from a book (I just started John Maxwell’s “Put Your Dream to the Test”), do some journaling (writing down the thoughts and ideas that were prompted by the read) and then focus / meditate for a few minutes on my dreams and goals. 

And then –someone put my dream to the test.

I’m heading the LA this weekend to shoot episodes for BraveHeart TV and in preparation for the shoot, the producer requested the following info:

“…the impetus that propelled you toward the direction of your path, and the message you would like to convey to the BraveHeart Women Global Community.”

Now you may find this hard to believe, but that particular question caused me to be speechless.  (Yes, really!) 

I went back into a quiet, reflective state and re-visited the path that brought me here today, with you now as a Leader, Speaker, Author, Marketing Expert and Messenger who supports others in going for their lives as “Visionaries with Guts!”  While I’m not sure I answered the question exactly as she needed it, here’s what came up that I’m inspired to share with you today.

My mission and the creation of Women’s Prosperity Network was born of several factors:

  1. For more women to come forth as leaders, of their own lives and of the world, women standing strong and in their power as women – not women ‘acting’ like men.
  2. To create a space for women to grow and explore their true passion and destiny – their definition of success (not someone else’s).
  3. To provide a continuing community of support, where competition is replaced with “coop-etition”, where ideas, dreams and goals are given the fuel to keep them burning brightly and where masterminding, brainstorming and collaborating with like minded women provides access to a higher level of awareness that  causes our dreams to be bigger than we could have ever imagined on our own.

Since I wasn’t sure if I really answered the question “what was the impetus” I reflected on my past, my journey and my growth that brought me to this place and this burning desire for women to believe in themselves and each other.  The highlights of my journey that came through were:

  1. Being a single parent for most of the time raising my 2 children, no financial support and made it my mission to provide the best life possible for my children based on my talents and abilities.
  2. Going into business for myself in 2002, after many years standing behind my boss, not having had the courage or confidence to be the ultimate responsible person. 
  3. Married (and now divorced from) a pathological liar and drug addict, that caused me to lose all trust in myself, and validated my already low self esteem and lack of confidence.  (Which came first – the chicken or the egg?)

This was a cathardic and enlightening little trip this morning and I invite you to take a moment to reflect as well.

Do you know WHY you do what you do?

What’s really at the core of your mission, your business and your daily activities?

Enjoy the journey.  No matter where you are right now on the journey, know that in this moment you have the power to create your life.  Look upon your past and your experiences (both good and bad) as stepping stones and learning blocks designed to lead you to your life’s purpose and your destiny. 

To Your Success, Peace & Prosperity!

… Creating a Space for Your Infinite Possibilities!

Nancy Matthews, CEO/Founder, a/k/a “The Visionary with Guts” (and YOU”RE one too!)

3 Responses to Reflection, Direction, Mission & Passion

  1. Hi Nancy,
    First I want to say thank you very much for sharing this very personal and important message. I have been sick for several days and have felt like I could not accomplish anything and had no energy to even remember my why. I was feeling sorry for myself and angry that I allowed myself to get sick. I forgot my why and just wanted to disappear into the couch. Anyway I want to thank you for posing those two questions, Do you know why do you do what you do? and What’s really at the core of your mission, your business, and your daily activities? In thinking about my why I started to think of my husband, that I want to build my business so he can leave his job but I realized that that was not it because it is about him and not about me. What do I want? I shall reflect on this along with the questions you posed and let you know. Thank you for being willing to be the light in the dark tunnel I find myself in right now. I love you and thanks. Valerie

  2. I often wonder what is my real purpose? I know it’s still being defined, but because of Women’s Prosperity Network I know that I’m following a path that will guide me to finding my true purpose in life.

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