Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

Women’s Prosperity Network is thrilled to announce the opening of a Chapter in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Meet The Netherlands Leadership Team,
Juliette Amadsoedjoek and Mirjam Lieffering


Our Signature Event Formula Creates the Space for You to Make Lasting & Meaningful Connections That Move Your Business and Your Life Forward!

Note: If You’re Looking for The Traditional Business Card Drop and Swap, This Isn’t the Place. This IS THE PLACE To Create Strong Lasting Connections & Relationships


And Here’s the Best Part: You get to do all of this in the spirit of “coop-etiton” and creativity fostered through the amazing sisterhood of the WPN community!

The WPN Recipe for Success Gives You The Opportunity to Build Rapport and Create Solid Relationships From the Moment You Step In the Room!


Experience the WPN Difference!
During our signature mastermind workshop you’ll have the opportunity to:

Mastermind with *Extra*Ordinary women committed to each others’ excellence.

Maximize your opportunities with the “Coop-etition” philosophy. We don’t worry about “competition” and instead focus on collaboration, working together we can all win the game!

Multiply your efforts and your results with the power of the strong connections and relationships created within the WPN Community!

Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN Global) is an organization that is redefining networking and professional development for women. WPN provides a community filled with business development tools, self-mastery resources, and is designed to develop trusted connections. This combination has proven to be the winning formula for our members. This is not just another women’s networking group.  This is a true network of like-minded and like-spirited women coming together to live their best lives!


Celebrate, Mastermind & Grow with WPN!
Who Are the Women of WPN?

  • Women creating and embracing life on their own terms
  • Women with a commitment to excellence
  • Women with drive, passion and talent that they willingly share with others!
 “Great friendships, amazing business connections and resources to grow myself and my business in *BIG* ways!”“I’ve been a successful business owner for years and initially joined WPN for the incredible relationships.  Little did I realize that through the connections and resources made available to me through WPN, that I would find the marketing team to help me launch my latest business venture which has the potential to quickly become a multi-million dollar business.  Thank you WPN!” ~ Gayle D’Haeseleer
Lifetime Member

 “I was looking for a women’s networking group for a while and just one step away from losing the hope to find a good one. Three local women entrepreneurs introduced me to WPN Global and I fell in love from the first moment. This type of women’s networking was so different from the one I was used too. Now I grow personally and professionally wise with amazing, heart-centered and like-minded women in business. All eager to see me succeed, happy and fulfilled. I am just grateful I found my home in such a fabulous inspirational and professional business women’s group!” ~ Dagmar Gatell, Lifetime Member