Women Networking, Connecting & Prospering

Women’s Prosperity Network – Special Mixed Event

Okay Gentlemen…You Asked for It

You Got It!

Plantation:  Saturday, August 11th (10 am to 1 pm)

For the first time EVER, Women’s Prosperity Network is excited to invite Men to join us this Special Mastermind Workshop!

(And yes, they do say “be careful what you ask for!”)


Join Us For Our Version of “The Big Bang Theory”

Venus and Mars Align

Successful Keys to Inter-Planetary Communication

Ladies, you may be saying “What?! I thought this was Women’s Prosperity Network” and it is!  In our commitment to having you prosper in every area of your life, we’ve invited the gentlemen to join us for this special event to engage in this “Inter-Planetary” Discussion.

During this special event we’ll explore the keys to successful communication that will enable us to:

  • Cut through gender biases that block understanding (and results);
  • Communicate with power and precision so that we’re actually heard; 
  • Create synergy and collaboration as we learn from each other!



Saturday, August 11th (10 am to 1:00 pm)

Location: Sheraton Hotel, 311 N. University Drive, Plantation, FL 

Workshop PLUS a Delicious Breakfast  Too!

1st Time Guests& Gold Members  – $25  All Others – $35

Celebrate, Mastermind & Grow with WPN

Note:  If you’re looking for the typical business card drop and swap…look somewhere else!

Our Signature Mastermind Formula That Creates the Space for You to Make Lasting & Meaningful Connections that Move Your Business and Your Life Forward!

“Breakfast, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs!”

Are You Wondering If WPN Is Right for You? 

  • Are you someone who is creating and embracing life on their own terms?
  • Are you someone who is committed to excellence? 
  • Are you filled with drive, passion and talent and willing to share it with others? 

Then…WPN is for YOU Too! 


Experience the WPN Difference

Join Us for our signature mastermind workshop and embrace the opportunity to:

Mastermind with *Extra*Ordinary people committed to each others’ excellence.

Maximize your opportunities with the “Coop-etition” philosophy. We don’t worry about “competition” and instead focus on collaboration, working together we can all win the game!

Multiply your efforts and your results with the power of the strong connections and relationships created within the WPN Community!

Questions?  Feel Free to Contact WPN Central at:  (800) 928-6928