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Mastermind Guidelines

Resources and Guidelines for Mastermind Groups

If you have led and/or participated in mastermind groups in the past, please feel free to add your unique touches and talents to these suggestions.   These guidelines are intended to provide some structure to the group calls for the maximum benefit for each group member.

1.  Intention of the Mastermind:  Having a common intention is extremely helpful, not only in invoking the power of the mastermind energy with a central focus, it also serves to keep the discussion targeted to achieve both individual and common goals.    During your first session please discuss and arrive at the mission and purpose of your mastermind group.  For example:

“The purpose of our mastermind group is to practice the techniques learned at the NLP course, to support each other in moving through any limiting beliefs or language patterns that are not serving us and to experience continuous transformation in our business and personal lives as a result of this process.”

2.  Meet via conference line.  If you do not already have a conference line, it’s free and easy at FreeConferencing.com (there are many services out there, this is the one that I prefer). Registration is easy – all you need is an email address and password to obtain your conference line number.

3.  CLICK HERE to Download the Mastermind Principles that will be read during the call.  Instructions for reading the principles is listed below.

4.  Schedule the calls for 1 hour to respect the time of all the members and honor that time.  While each participant is responsible for managing their allotted time, each week one of the members of the group will take the role of session leader and facilitate the call.

5.  Session Leader Role:  The session leader will be responsible for making sure that the group stays on time, that each participant has the opportunity to share and invite all members of the group to contribute to the conversation.  Here are some mastermind facilitation tips:

  • Occasionally, members may come to the session without a specific question of their own or focus for discussion. It is suggested that the session leader come prepared with a kick off discussion topic to engage and inspire members of the group.   If each member comes with a clear intention, this may not be necessary.  Discussing and practicing one of the exercises or principles in the NLP workbook as a weekly guideline for discussion in your group will serve to keep you targeted and focused in your discussion and your practice.
  • Managing the Clock:  Each person will have an equal number of minutes to be in the spotlight. It is your responsibility to move each member along so that everyone person gets their time.
  • Engaging and Eliciting Participation:  If a member says “I don’t have anything to share this week” or “I’ll give my time to ____” remind them that the power of the mastermind is dependent on each member fully participating. You may ask questions such as:
    • Share 1 success or victory that you experienced this past week.
    • What 1 principle or exercise from the NLP training will you engage and practice in during the upcoming week?
    • What principle did you focus on last week?
    • Is there something you’re feeling stuck in?
    • If you met someone who asked you “What is NLP?” What would you answer?

These are simply some suggestions to engage and elicit participation from a member who may not feel like sharing on the call as a way to comfortably open them up to the discussion.  We recognize that while the Mastermind group is designed to be a trusted and safe place for discussion, there may be things happening that a person won’t want to share with the group and would be better suited for a one on one discussion.

  • Be mindful of people getting stuck in their story, listen for excuses and victim language.  While someone may need to vent or release, keep your listening keen to be certain that it is simply a release and is not affecting the energy of the group. Additionally, it is suggested that each participant give permission to the other members that in a space of love and support, we can call each other out on our ‘stuff’.
  • Agenda:
    • Welcome everyone to the call
    • Mastermind Principles – Read principles 1 through 8 (saving the Dedication for the end of the call)
    • Determine and advise the group how much time each person will have.
    • Begin discussion (either)
      • Round robin with each person getting their spotlight time and interaction and feedback from the group
      • Leader kick off discussion topic (i.e. one of the principles from the NLP workbook), then each participant shares on that topic
    • After each participant has had an opportunity to share, ask “Is there anything further someone wants to share or ask before we close today?”  (Be sure to have a few minutes left in the schedule for this and/or ask permission if it goes over the 1 hour time slot).
    • Confirm Session Leader for following week.
    • Dedication and Covenant