Holiday Season 2013 – Let’s Make It a November to Remember!

Our holiday season 2013 has kicked into high gear.  This is the time of year when we women entrepreneurs and business women have the pleasure (well, I hope it’s pleasure) of spending time with family, friends and business associates we don’t usually see throughout the year.  The stores have started decorating for the season, TV and Radio ads let us know about latest and greatest must have gadgets, our calendars and shopping lists are filling up and, if we’re not careful, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season could cause us to lose sight of the most valuable opportunities we have.  Let’s make this a November and Holiday Season 2013 worth to remember by remembering these tips for success and happiness through the holidays.

5 Smart Tips To Make The Holiday Season 2013 The Best Ever For You

  1. 2013 Is Not Over Yet!  Remember those personal and business goals you set at the beginning of 2013?  Some women entrepreneurs have already met (or exceeded) their goals, while others may be saying “Oh well, there’s always next business year.”  Don’t chalk up 2013 as a gonner when instead you can maximize the wonderful business opportunities you have right now.
  2. Connecting And Saying Thank You.  This is the perfect time to reach out to your business clients, colleagues and prospective clients to say thank you, wish them a wonderful holiday season and remind them that you’re someone who cares about them.  For years as a business woman I have sent cards and gifts to my most valuable business relationships at Thanksgiving.   Since most businesses wait until mid-December to send out gifts, sending yours now allows you to be seen and heard and not get lost in the crowd.  Gift idea — send your clients a copy of The One Philosophy to thank them for being “The One!”
  3. Stay Focused on Your Personal And Business Goals.  Review your goals and create a strategic plan for the activities you’ll focus on for the next 2 months to achieve them.  Resist the urge to think that people aren’t spending now … this is the biggest spending time of the year!
  4. Time And Priority Management.  Be realistic and strategic with your personal and business time.  You absolutely can achieve great things in these next 2 months as long as you plan your schedule carefully.  Block out time for shopping, holiday parties and time with family and friends.
  5. You Have the Power!  Getting together with family can occasionally bring with it some stress, especially if your family members aren’t on board with your current business plans, visions or lifestyle choices.  Remember that you as a woman and woman entrepreneur have the power to transform any interaction by how you choose to respond to the situation.  Do certain family members push your buttons?  Learn how to disconnect those buttons and turn upsets into personal and business opportunities with my teaching “What If The Hokey Pokey IS What It’s All About?”  CLICK HERE

Yes, you can easily make this a holiday season 2013 and November to remember as long as you remember you’re “The One” who has the gift of the present to positive action in creating your personal and business future.  

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