Keeping Up

Keeping Up…

With the Jones’ … With Technology … With Your Goals and Dreams! 

By Nancy Matthews

Is it just me or does time seem to speed up? The older I get the faster time marches on.  Before you know it we’ll be dressing up for Halloween, eating way too much turkey and ringing in yet another new year.  I think the reason time seems to speed up is that each new day brings new ideas and opportunities and most of the time, we just keep adding to the list without eliminating anything.  If we’re not careful, we could wear ourselves out trying to keep up – keeping up with all of the things we’re doing, all of the things we want and all of the new things that will continue to come across our radar.

As a creative thinker and “Visionary with Guts” I am constantly in the cycle of keeping up with new ideas that keep coming up.  I have to be mindful of SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) and letting my new ideas take time and energy away from completing my old new ideas.

Here are a few of the things I do to keep my head above water, to keep my heart focused on my goals and dreams and to keep my body and mind moving with grace and ease knowing that I will keep up with exactly what I’m meant to with grace and ease!

(a)            When you see your friend or neighbor with that shiny new ___ (purse, car, online business, MLM opportunity), ask yourself “Will taking action towards that thing move me closer to my goals and dreams or will it pull me off course for what I really want?”

(b)            If you feel frustrated by the fast pace of technology, give yourself a break and don’t think you need to jump on board the minute the latest craze is announced.  Be thoughtful and intentional when adding new technologies to your life and your business and consider again “Will the time I need to spend to learn this new technology bring me more of what I really want?”

(c)             Have a clear list of goals, objectives and dreams that you review on a daily basis (yes, I know you’ve heard this before, now it’s time to actually DO IT!)

Through it all, remember to focus on what you really want by listening to your intuition, following your gut and making the most important thing to keep up with your heart’s desires.

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  1. Ahhh! Yes, I love intuition- helps me stay focused on "MY GOALS" not those of others, and helps remind me what's really important. Sometimes when not feeling 100% myself- I might "think" x should be important, and reality is that everyone has different lives for a reason. It's best not to compare one's inside's with another's outside's. Doesn't work! Feels good to know we don't have to keep up:) we can create our own magic.

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