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 “Great friendships, amazing business connections and resources to grow myself and my business in *BIG* ways!”“I’ve been a successful business owner for years and initially joined WPN for the incredible relationships.  Little did I realize that through the connections and resources made available to me through WPN, that I would find the marketing team to help me launch my latest business venture which has the potential to quickly become a multi-million dollar business.  Thank you WPN!” ~ Gayle D’Haeseleer
Lifetime Member

There are so many wonderful women networking groups and women’s organizations. You may be wondering …

“What is so special and different about our business networking group Women’s Prosperity Network Global?” 
“What’s the buzz that has thousands of business women wanting to be part of this amazing community?” 
“What will I get from WPN Global that will truly make a difference in my networking, business and my life?” 

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Women’s Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) was founded as a women networking group in 2008 by three sisters (yes, real sisters with the same mother and father), Nancy Matthews, Susan Wiener and Trish Carr, with the intention of creating a space for business women’s true gifts, talents and power to shine!  Transforming traditional networking for women from the business card drop and swap to a place where you make real connections, build lasting friendships and enjoy prosperity in every area of your life.

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Women’s Prosperity Network

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How Women’s Prosperity Network Creates Success Through Dynamic Women Networking for Women In Business

Note: If you’re looking for the traditional business card drop and swap — look somewhere else!

Be Real, Get Real & Achieve Real Results With WPN!

  • Mastermind with extraordinary women committed to each others’ excellence
  • Maximize your opportunities with the “coop-etition” philosophy.  We don’t worry about competition and instead focus on collaboration; working together we can all win the game!
  • Multiply your efforts and your results with the power of the strong connections and relationships within the WPN community!

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Sherry Kane “Your Memories Angel”

“What a terrific time we had today at the WPN mastermind workshop.  I always learn something new and leave feeling inspired.  Women’s Prosperity Network is an empowering organization of wonderful women who support and encourage one another.  I have grown so much both personally and professionally since I joined almost 2 years ago.  WPN has given me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone.  The connections and friendships I’ve made are absolutely priceless!  So grateful and blessed to be a part of WPN!” ~ Sherry Kane


Dagmar Gatell – SEO Expert

“I was looking for a women’s networking group for a while and just one step away from losing the hope to find a good one. Three local women entrepreneurs introduced me to WPN Global and I fell in love from the first moment. This type of women’s networking was so different from the one I was used too. Now I grow personally and professionally wise with amazing, heart-centered and like-minded women in business. All eager to see me succeed, happy and fulfilled. I am just grateful I found my home in such a fabulous inspirational and professional business women’s group!” ~ Dagmar Gatell


LaTanya Hicks

“It’s like I put on new glasses this weekend at the WPN Mastermind workshop.  This wasn’t just a women’s networking event.  The clarity, feelings and attractions are phenomenal.  Thanks so much Candi Parker and Judee Pouncey for bringing WPN to Tallahassee.  What an exciting adventure we are all imparting upon.” ~ LaTanya Hicks



Dianna Ivey – Massage Therapist

“Thank you Sherri O and WPN Brevard!  I had a meeting at work afterwards and I did the same mastermind with them.  Thank you for providing relevant information that is easy to utilize and makes an impact.” ~ Dianna Navarrete Ivey


Pam Brooks-Crump – Author, Illustrator, Happiness Coach
 “I am so grateful for the new relationships that I am building in WPN. Thank you Ruthanne Warnick for starting a Chapter in Atlant.  I have gotten so much from the weekly and monthly mastermind calls and I love the monthly mastermind workshops – there are some awesome women there!” ~ Pam Brooks-Crump

Vanessa McGovern – GIFTE, Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs
“The WPN Global community supports every aspect of my life!  The mastermind workshops and conversations with the other women of WPN inspire me and encourage me to be the best “ME” I can be – a wife, a mother, a friend and a business woman.  Thank you WPN. My life wouldn’t be the same without you.” ~ Vanessa McGovern

Coach-Shantel Springer, Your Dream Builder
“I just spent the most “AMAZING” morning with the Atlanta Chapter of WPN. Masterminding, building friendships and growing our businesses.  You Ladies Rock!” ~ Coach Shantel Springer