Elton Pride – Wow Wednesday Guest

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Replay:  July 23, 2014

Tele-Class Title:  10 Ways to Boost Your Business Now

This Week’s Guest:  Elton Pride, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant & Best Selling Author

Link to Tele-Class Replay:  CLICK HERE

We all have to be reminded every now and then of simple things we can do to raise the standard of how we’re doing business and this week we are excited to bring you Elton Pride – who will do just that!  Elton will share concrete concepts that are dynamic and multipliable — which is exactly what will happen to your business when you implement these “10 Ways to Boost Your Business Now.”  These brilliant and concrete concepts will give you that boost to move your business from where it now stands, to where you want it to grow.  Elton will be incorporating facets of his program “The Three Faces of Business” and his talk will include:  (1) Finding Your Message (Personal Development) (2) Building Your Message (Business Development) (3) Communicating and Monetizing Your Message (Market Development).

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September 12-14, 2014, West Palm Beach, FL

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About Elton Pride:  Elton Pride is your “Personal Maximizer,” Speaker and Best Selling Author who shows business owners and entrepreneurs how to eradicate insufficient use of their gifts and talents so they can create MORE — reach more people, develop more deep relationships, generate more sales and put more money in their pockets.  He is the founder and CEO of Pride Global Management, a company specializing in training, coaching and business development.  He encourages you to use what you already have to rapidly create what you need in your business and life.  His passion is to see business owners and individuals walk in their purpose and create a competitive edge for themselves while creating personal transformation and improving their personal economy.  Elton created “The Three Faces of Business” to help entrepreneurs attract clients, build relationships, create impact, broaden influence and increase their income.  His essential advice is this — lean in and fail fast, while moving forward and upward, making corrections along the way — Be NOW the Story YOU Want to Tell Tomorrow!  To Learn more about Elton Price go to:  EltonPride.com