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Are you sick and tired of being busy all day but not seeing the results you know you’re capable of?  Learn the best ideas to help you master how to spend your time and achieve your full potential!

Helen Raptoplous has been a business coach and consultant for 8 years.  Her expertise is in helping entrepreneurs customize their daily and weekly schedule so that it will propel their business forward. She loves to help people learn the difference between being busy and being productive, which are two very different things!  She is currently taking her entrepreneurial skills to the online marketplace to create products and services that can help small business owners take action to move their business forward.  She believes Action and Accountability are two of the biggest factors for moving forward with any project or goal.  For more info go to:  http://ActionHabits.com

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 Juli A.H. Evans, CPA a/k/a “Julismiles”
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Do you DEMAND to have more fun in your life?Then let Julismiles take you on a joyous journey through the life you were born to live!!Be one of the few, the happy, the triumphant
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Mary Jo Gregory, FounderTravel Expert, Speaker, Author and Dynamic Senior Woman Inspiring and Empowering Women to Put More Spring Into This Season of Their Lives! 



  National Association for Dynamic Senior Women

Proving Age is Just a Number!  A Community for 60-plus Women Who Choose to Focus on Life Rather Than Age

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