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Dynamic Women Networking – What Makes You Dynamic?

Dynamic women networking, perhaps you heard it before but what really is it and what makes us business women to dynamic networkers? In the post networking for women and why is it on the rise Nancy Matthews spoke about the differences in the way women and men network. Here now we share what makes you as a business woman and a woman with passion so dynamic and three dynamic women networking tips you want to know.

What does “dynamic” mean to you?” When you look up the word online you find:

  • Adjective (of a process or system) – Characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
  • Noun – A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

So how can we be active and adapt to change to become the dynamic women and networkers we are?

3 Dynamic Women Networking Secrets You Want To Know

1. What is Your Attitude?

  • Do you remember the post Why Women Undervalue Themselves In Business? As a dynamic women networker you need to feel good about yourself, your skills, your knowledge, and what you have to offer, both personally and in business.
  • Actively approaching other business women, sharing how glad you are that you met them, what you like about them and really giving them respect, attention and value are the keys to being a dynamic woman networker.
  • Understanding your own body language when you network is important and it’s also essential to recognize and adapt to the body language of your networking partner.  Mirroring the body language of the women entrepreneur you’re speaking with creates the feeling of understanding and caring.  Learning to do this effectively is just is one of many women networking trainings can support you in improving your networking skills.

2. In Which Atmosphere Do You Network?

Before I found WPN Global and our local WPN Brevard chapter I was an active woman networker for many years.

I attended many local chamber of commerce networking events, leads clubs and BNI meetings. Especially in BNI I learned about the “Givers Gain” so I tried to get leads for my fellow BNI members so I could prove I was a good networker. I did get a few leads and jobs out of it for myself and for the people in my BNI group.

But it never felt right to me. “Fake it till you make it” was advice I received from many business owners and women in business. Then in September 2012 I found WPN Global and my local Brevard chapter and realized the difference of being in a dynamic women’s networking atmosphere like Women’s Prosperity Network:

    1. The dynamic women networking leaders have a mission that is similar to your own and are actively being examples of it.
    2. All participants have the same or similar beliefs, views of how to do networking and deeply care and want to enrich each others lives.
    3. You are willing to give, help and care about other business women and women entrepreneurs. Without expectations. While there are times when the same business woman you help will do the same for you, it’s not an expectation.  You are giving for the sake of giving.  The law of giving and receiving is activated and receiving does come, often in surprising and unexpected ways. 
    4. You adapt to other women entrepreneurs needs and have their best outcome and progress in mind.

3. What Do You Want To Get Out Of It And What Are Your Networking Goals?

There is a difference in dynamic women networking and socializing with other women in business. I didn’t realize this for years. I love to be with other women, help and care about them. What I learned by being a WPN Global member is that I have to stimulate the change in my fellow networkers by offering my help and enriching their lives and in doing so, we all grow together.

      1. Listening is more powerful than speaking. To get to know somebody and to find out how you can help and how you can work together, you need to know who they are and what they want to accomplish.
      2. How can you help so they can help themselves? Could your skills, knowledge and advice provide them a solution for their problem? You need to understand their issue first, with their best outcome in mind, whether it’s your product and service or somebody else’s.
      3. Knowing who is THE WHO for you. If you don’t know what to ask for, nobody can help you. If you are looking for an introduction to a local school, the owner of multiple restaurant chains or an international event organizer, you have the responsibility for it. Participating in dynamic women networking events provides you a huge opportunity to find what you are looking for. Take advantage of it.


Dagmar Gatell – SEO Expert


Dagmar Gatell is a international SEO expert, guiding women entrepreneurs through SEO coaching and SEO training to establish and position themselves online. Sign up for her free SEO videos to build the business you love at http://dagmargatell.com

7 Responses to Dynamic Women Networking – What Makes You Dynamic?

  1. Thank you for your kind and nice words, Judee Ann Pouncey! Yes, I totally believe in Law of Attraction, and to BE what I want to attract. Works sometimes easier than other times 🙂 Makes life easier to give without expectation. Because you then can really focus on the giving and not on the getting. When I feel really bad I get active. Helps me to stop the stinking thinking and do something positive! I am very grateful too that I found WPN, it is my spiritual home 🙂

  2. Dagmar Gatell, thank you for writing this wonderful article. You and I have discussed these aspects of marketing and I am in complete agreement with you. For anyone who hasn't had the chance to work with Dagmar, you're missing out. She is truly a vibrant, beautiful and loving woman who knows her stuff and walks the walk she explains in this article!

  3. Dagmar, thank you for this valuable article. There is so much good information in it.

    Several things spontaneously popped into my mind as I read it. (1) It reminded me of this month's Mastermind topic relating to consciously using the Law of Attraction to attract our perfect clients (or relationships of any kind)… that we are to BE what we want to attract. In that way we are putting out the vibration of what we want and we attract that back to us. And we are enhancing our quality of life in all areas at the same time. (2) Unconditional giving (without expectation, as you put it) primes the pump for grateful receiving, and everybody wins. (3) Being proactive instead of reactive is one of the qualities of a powerful deliberate creator.

    I love that the women in WPN are like this and are becoming better and better in all these areas every day. What a pleasure to be a part of this powerful community that is full of generous givers and grateful receivers, making a positive difference both locally and globally.

    Again, thank you!

  4. Brava, Dagmar Gatell, for this excellent article!

    I, too, had similar experiences networking in the past and it wasn't until I reconnected with WPN at the end of 2011 did I realize the 'things' that were missing were the congruencies to matched my own. I finally found the feeling I was seeking, to be on the 'same wave length' with others, when I started participating in those dynamic masterminds which truly inspired my desires to BE who I am meant to be and to be of service to others in my own unique fashion… as an expert in writing, a creative collaborator, or sharing a bit of laughter when it's needed the most.

    Thank you again, Dagmar Gatell for this and all the wisdom you share.

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