Clean Slate Days: Here’s a Gift for You!

Good Morning!  Welcome to Your New Clean Slate Day!   (by Susan Wiener)

In addition to your Clean Slate, you also have another gift waiting for you.  It’s the gift of  86,400 Big Ones!  86,400 precious moments to spend as you wish.  What you do with them determines the quality of your life.

And the wonderful thing about your gift of 86,400 big ones is that the gift is renewed every morning.  No matter whether you spent yesterday’s gift well or squandered it, each morning you have a bright new package on your table.  If you made poor choices yesterday, you can make better ones today.  In fact, if yesterday’s poor choices have moved you to make better choices today, they have served you well.

Your 86,400 big ones include your sleep time as well.  Before you go to sleep, focus on appreciative, fulfilling thoughts, and positive energy will pervade your rest.  Then, when you awaken, you will have received interest on the 86,400 big ones you invested wisely.

How might you better appreciate each moment of your day
and make the best use of it?

Affirmation for today:

“I make the most of the opportunities that each sacred moment offers me.”

I wanted to share this excerpt with you from a new book I am reading daily.  It’s called “A Daily Dose of Sanity”, a five-minute Soul Recharge for Every Day of the Year, by Alan Cohen.  I trust you will enjoy it as much as I am.

Have a Spectacular Day!

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