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Thanksgiving Memories and Gratitude

14620552_sThanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday! Growing up my Mom loved Thanksgiving and it’s clear that she handed down to me and my sisters the importance of treasuring your family and the time you get to spend with them. Although Mom is dancing with the Angels these days, her spirit and traditions are with us as we head into this holiday.

My daughter just got home from college yesterday and we’ll be spending the rest of today and tomorrow preparing a delicious feast.  We’ll be having all the standard fare (turkey, potatoes, stuffing) as well as some not so standard appetizers and side dishes (oooh, I really am so excited!)

For the past couple of days, Trish, Susan and I have been preparing a Thanksgiving Feast just for you. A feast filled with nourishing treats for your personal and professional development. And the good news is…

This feast has no calories! 
This feast won’t give you a belly ache from over-doing it. 
In fact, this feast will give you energy, creativity and prosperity! 

Click Here Now to see the abundant Thanksgiving Buffet we’ve prepared just for you!

And … there’s a $100 gift certificate there for you too!

Yes, this is the season of giving thanks and we give thanks for YOU.

For your desire to be of service.
For your commitment to make a difference.
For your unique gifts, talents and spirit that contribute to our
wonderful world!

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to You and Your Loved Ones. 

Enjoy Your Feasts! (Yes the one on Thursday and the one you’ll check 
out here ==> Take me to the Feast!

To Your Success, Peace & Prosperity!

Nancy Matthews
Speaker, Global Leader, Author
WPN Founder

Networking Success Tips

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