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Benefits of Business Networking for Women Entrepreneurs

The benefits of business networking far exceed just getting business.  Women entrepreneurs often think of business networking for the main purpose of meeting new people to do business with. But great business networking is about so much more than that. Great business networking is about building a network of trusted people that work together.  Working together in LIFE — after all business is just a part of life and what we do in our businesses is meant to support us in our lives.  It is for this reason that WPN Global is committed to bringing business women and women entrepreneurs together at our local women networking events and in our online teleclasses for women in business in a space that promotes deep connections and honest sharing about business and life!  

The way to develop a great network is to care more about the people than the business.  When you focus on the people, the business comes as a natural outgrowth of sharing your lives and working together.  Working together to support each other in times of triumph and in times of need.  Our community has come together to support women entrepreneurs by sharing information and resources, attending each other’s events, engaging with each other on social media and in promoting causes that further our ideals and values.  So many of you have come together to “Be the Change” and I take this moment to honor each and every one of you for I know that your hearts and actions are based upon furthering the ideals of love, support and women living their best lives.  Here are just a few examples of how a great women’s network comes together to support each other.

Recently, one of our members, Merinda Crowder took a young girl (Ashlee Neal) under her wing to help her get to college and our community has shown up to support this young woman fulfilling her dream.  >> How You Can  Help Ashlee Become a Woman Entrepreneur.  Last year our community came together to support Dr. Lynn Migdal when she tragically lost her 2 daughters in a landslide.  (Kudos to Kellie Kuecha of The Omnipresent Soul for leading the charge on that project.)  Clearly, the benefits of business networking go far beyond just getting business!

Right now another of our sisters is in need and I’m calling upon our great network to come together to help Faye Levow. In November Faye suffered a seizure, a heart attack, heart surgery, has been in a coma for 2 months and is now suffering   brain injuries.  Doctors here are at a loss as to how to help Faye, but a Doctor has been found in another State and a fundraising initiative has begun to raise the funds to get her to see the Doctor and take care of expenses related to the treatment and transport.  We do have a great network, it’s been proven over and over again.  Let’s come together to do some great work to help our sister in business and in life. Help Woman Entrepreneur Faye Levow Get Her Life Back.  

I invite you to approach your business networking and social networking from the vantage point of focusing on the people — as people — not just prospects.  When you show up as “The One” who really listens and cares about what the other person is up to in their lives, you will increase the probability of doing business with others because after all people do business with people!  Be “The One” this week and delight in how others show up as “The One” for you!

For opportunities to come together with the WPN Global Network (both online and locally) and to enjoy the many benefits of business networking not just in your business, but in every area of your life, be sure to see the many opportunities we’ve created for women to network, connect and mastermind!

Nancy Matthews (WPN Founder) is a Speaker, Author and Business Advisor, who combines her 25 years of business savvy and creative ingenuity with her intuitive understanding of people. She engages and entertains audiences while providing practical solutions to their daily life and business challenges. She is known as the “Visionary with Guts” for her persistence in going for her goals and dreams despite apparent obstacles or challenges. Nancy is the CEO and Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network (WPNGlobal.com) and serves on the Board of Directors of Glorious Being Center (501)(c)(3). To learn more about Nancy and to bring her to your next event contact: Nancy@NancyMatthews.com or call (800) 928-6928

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  1. Wow Sherri … you summed it up so eloquently, the essence of the WPN culture. The day we met on FB was certainly a magical one … just look at the ripple effect it created for hundreds (and thousands) of women! Thank you for your amazing leadership, friendship and love!

  2. Your words are so true about "the heart of women" today. WPN has created a space for all women regardless of their background, age, experience, interests, knowledge, etc. It's a safe space for all women to ask for help, to share their successes and a place to be lifted up when things aren't going so well. Women are known to be natural care-givers, nurturers and supporters, but they are also gifted leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Women that embrace the WPN culture experience personal growth and professional expansion…and through the process you not only connect with extraordinary women…you may even meet your Best Friend Forever…I did!
    Thank YOU, Nancy for the sharing WPN with me…it has been my most treasured gift!

  3. When I do business networking, especially at women entrepreneur networking events, I look for business women who have similar ethics and believes. I experience that it is so much easier for me to connect and to build a long lasting relationship, personal and business wise.

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